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Simms, Maureen


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Master of Education


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The purpose of this study was to research the effect of mastication through gum chewing on memory and recall in elementary students. It is imperative to research ways in which to increase brain stimulation in order to enhance memory and recall to provide students with academic success. This research was conducted to assist educators in aiding students in review and recall. Fifty students were randomly selected from first, second, and third grade classrooms in a public school. The students were from varied socioeconomic and intellectual backgrounds with varied family structures. The controlled group of twenty-five students were administered four tests targeting memory and recall. The experimental group of twenty-five participants were administered identical examinations of those in the controlled group. However, the experimental group was given a piece of sugar-free gum to chew during the four sessions. The results of this research indicated that the act of mastication through gum chewing increased students' scores on tests of memory and recall. Mastication improved students' short-term memory when recalling letters and improved auditory memory when memorizing a list of words. The greatest impact of mastication during memory and recall in this project occurred in the trial that tested the memorization of spatial locations. Students who chewed gum during these sessions completed the activity with a quicker speed and memorization.

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Fall 2006

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Colorado (state); Denver (county); Denver (inhabited place)

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