Voices in French Fiction: a Journey of Self-Discovery

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Karch, Adriana


College for Professional Studies

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Master of Arts


School of Humanities & Social Sciences

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Thesis - Open Access

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208 pages


The purpose of this project was to write a novella in French, where the protagonist's identity is a creation of the place where she lives and the multiplicity of voices that interact with her. This author researched various French works of fiction and folktales from Québec, Canada, Martinique, and South Louisiana. These stories functioned as background and examples of an individual's need and necessity to affirm its identity, as the individual relates to land and nature, through the creative act of storytelling. Further, this author researched fiction's element of voice and specifically, how land and nature obtain a voice. Likewise, all of the works discussed in this author's literature review utilize voice to develop the protagonist's identity. Although this author's novella, Madelaine (Ladouceur, 2005), was based almost entirely on her personal experiences with the subject matter, a future study could be broadened to include historical documentation of events that would add detail and color to the strong relationship that exists between various groups of French people and the land and nature.

Date of Award

Fall 2005

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Denver, Colorado

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