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Bowles, Robert


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MS Computer and Information Technology


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Thesis - Open Access

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64 pages


Aviation Technology Group, Inc. (ATG) is currently preparing for a lengthy FAA certification process that will require detailed documentation and verification of the accuracy of all components that will belong to the aircraft being developed (the Javelin). This includes but is not limited to contracts, detailed design specifications, CAD files, test and verification results, revision tracking, and effectivity of all components used in each aircraft. The company has recently flown its first nonconforming prototype and will be building subsequent test articles, which will be used for the process of the Javelin. In order to organize all of this information and be able to maintain many different complex relationships between multiple part revisions and different configurations of the aircraft, the company decided to seek out a commercial off the shelf solution (COTS). The initial attempts at an in-house system proved to be too time and resource intensive to build and too costly to maintain and expand, given the limited capabilities of a Microsoft Access based solution. This project encompassed the evaluation, selection, and implementation of a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

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Fall 2005

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Colorado (state); Denver (county); Denver (inhabited place)

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