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Vieira, Paul

Second Advisor

Gerber, Joseph


College for Professional Studies

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MS Computer and Information Technology


School of Computer & Information Science

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Thesis - Open Access

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67 pages


Vulnerability identification, remediation, and compliance verification within the Department of Defense (DOD) are currently inconsistent and non-integrated. The Secure Configuration Tool Suite (SCTS) solution should make significant grounds in resolving the DOD deficiency within an Enterprise-wide Information Assurance Vulnerability Management System. The professional project documented in this paper is a result of a major DOD initiative in support of the SCTS, and is comprised of 2 initiatives: the Secure Configuration Compliance Validation Initiative (SCCVI), which provides vulnerability assessment capability, and the Secure Configuration Remediation Initiative (SCRI), which provides vulnerability remediation capability. As a member of the project installation team the author performed on-site installations as required and directed. The DOD is a large organization and documenting the entire project would be beyond the scope of this professional project. Therefore, this analysis is based on a smaller scale of the initiative above. The installation of an unclassified baseline model at a pre-selected DOD command andall of its subcomponents will be utilized for this thesis. This installation will eventually be available for all DOD components to use as a lessons-learned tool and as a result these tools will be applied across the DOD Enterprise and should fully integrate IA Vulnerability identification, verification, and reporting; thus making a significant contribution to an Enterprise-wide Information Assurance Vulnerability Management System. While this project is based on actual events and efforts, in order to keep within the guidelines of non-disclosure outside of the DOD environment, specific names of commands, agencies and locations have been substituted with generic ones.

Date of Award

Summer 2006

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Colorado (state); Denver (county); Denver (inhabited place)

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