Managing The Cost Of Usable Data Centers

Sisomphone Khanthaphixay, Regis University


The main topic of this paper is to identify problems and present an overview of Data Center environments. To identify problems and present the overviews of business data environments and the cost of usable data center for small-midsize business organization based type of requirements on the design is one of the most important concepts of managing cost. To maximized data center efficiency administrators implement Blade Server, Virtualization, SOA, and other recent technologies. The project process will focus on most leased data centers with provided space rather than specific applications that trend the way of design, and eliminating the significant impact of multiple physical storage devices. Data Centers are complex systems with a variety of technologies that require constantly evolving skills and knowledge that range from routing and switching to load balancing and security. This project will include research, collecting sources, discussing the issues associated with network attacks Data Centers, and reviewing the other key areas related to data center development will be cover the way server availability will describes how to design a highly available infrastructure, and describes how a load balancing device can monitor the availability of applications and servers.