First Advisor

Karch, Adriana

Second Advisor

Sweet, Sharon


College for Professional Studies

Degree Name

Master of Arts


School of Humanities & Social Sciences

Document Type

Thesis - Open Access

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93 pages


Presented in this project is a detailed study of the effects of long term incarceration on inmates and society. This researcher examined the life of a fictitious inmate, through the form of a novella, as he endured long term incarceration. His innermost thoughts and feelings shed light into the criminal lifestyle through the careful examination of his experiences related to: (a) childhood, (b) family dysfunction, (c) socioeconomic status, (c) peer relations, and (d) education. The purpose of long term incarceration prevention should be focused on: (a) prevention, in order to stop at risk individuals from becoming institutionalized; (b) intervention, to try and offer services to help at risk individual to lead a stable lifestyle; (c) rehabilitation, to provide training and educational opportunities for the inmate population; and (d) alternatives to incarceration, for nonviolent offenders.

Date of Award

Summer 2006

Location (Creation)

Denver, Colorado

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