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McKenzie, Tim


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MS Computer and Information Technology


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Thesis - Open Access

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The Cherry Creek Sneak is the 3rd largest 5-mile race in the United States.Currently, 10% of the proceeds from the race are donated to the ColoradoGovernor's Council to fight childhood obesity. The co-owners of the race, Pat Downing and Paula Tiernen, live in different states, and because of this, are unable to manage The Cherry Creak Sneak, or any business regarding the race efficiently. In order to continue the race in the future, they have requested that the Cherry Creek Sneak website be the place where their business is conducted. The goal of this project, therefore, is to create a Strategic IS Plan that would support this virtual corporation. The systems and technologies that 'the sneak' presently uses are old, outdated and inefficient. The several Excel spreadsheets, which contain the data of their participants, volunteers and sponsors, are extremely ineffective and disorganized. One of the primary goals of the Cherry Creak Sneak is to continue to raise runner participation to increase the amount of money that is donated to fight childhood obesity. In order to do this, data management is crucial as well as having the ability to conduct business, anytime or anywhere. If runner participation does not continue to grow, the future of The Cherry Creak Sneak continuing remains unknown.

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Summer 2005

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Denver, Colorado

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