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Upton, Gary


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Master of Education


School of Education and Counseling

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Thesis - Open Access



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70 pages


Despite a rich history of research and reform, educational scholars have not yet formulated a working definition of effective teaching that encompasses the complexities of the learning process. Today, as policy makers demand measurable outcomes, teachers are increasingly aware of their need to be effective in motivating their students to achieve. In order to do so, teachers need to establish balanced practices that incorporate all three of the domains of learning: (a) affective, (b) behavioral, and (c) cognitive. Currently, the emphasis is on the behavioral and cognitive aspects of learning, but, frequently, the affective aspects are ignored. However, affect plays an important role in the learning process. Teachers can capitalize on students' affect to achieve cognitive and behavioral outcomes when they communicate care to their students. This project was designed to encourage teachers to explore the role of the teacher/student relationship and demonstrations of care in order to maximize their effectiveness with their students.

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Spring 2006

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Denver, Colorado

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