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Collins, Bob

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Parscal, Tina


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Master of Arts


School of Humanities & Social Sciences

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Thesis - Open Access

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115 pages


The purpose of this study was to examine the factors that influenced the failure of learning transfer for a workplace-training program. As employers demand more concrete and useful results, it is essential that training curriculum be developed in which learning transfer techniques are incorporated to ensure that participants are able to apply what they have learned. Several different reasons for lack of transfer may exist and finding the most effective method to combat the transfer problem can be difficult, but the benefits of finding the correct transfer methods are numerous. Using both qualitative and quantitative research methods, this study will examine issues of post-training learning transfer within a live centralized scheduling department at a hospital. Specifically, this study identified specific factors that contributed to the failure of learning transfer in the training for centralized schedulers and the role of prior knowledge on the transfer of learning on scheduling tasks. These factors included: (a) lack of participation; (b) lack of management reinforcement and support; (c) work and time pressures; (d) ineffective work processes, and finally; (e) staff discomfort with change. Specific recommendations for ways in which the training can be modified to enhance learning transfer are also presented.

Date of Award

Spring 2006

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Denver, Colorado

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