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Lindley, Don

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McGrath, Jack


College for Professional Studies

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MS Criminology


School of Humanities & Social Sciences

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Thesis - Open Access

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35 pages


Leadership is immensely important to most organizations, and its development is a recognized key to organizational success. Leadership, as a construct, has been researched in boundless depth and has been a focal point to establishing increased productivity and success. Law enforcement has placed a special interest in developing leadership as it relates to performance, productivity and succession planning. Although leadership development is a seminal part of law enforcement objectives, it is difficult to implement clear strategies for doing so. This study examines the gap in research as it pertains to leadership traits and work production by analyzing officers' perceptions of leadership qualities which impact job performance. The study provides guidance in creating established leadership traits which clearly impact patrol officers' willingness to increase productivity. In doing so, the researcher collected data using a mixed method approach to analyze the leadership traits of sergeants as perceived by line level officers which most impact their work production. Grounded Theory was employed as a way to develop theory at the conclusion of the data analysis; and as such, the analysis is best examined through Social Learning Theory.

Date of Award

Summer 2012

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Colorado (state); Denver (county); Denver (inhabited place)

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