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Finn, Cris

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McCallum, Colleen


Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions

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Doctor of Nursing Practice


Loretto Heights School of Nursing

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Thesis - Open Access

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109 pages


The purpose of this capstone project was to assess whether an educational support group intervention would increase the level of engagement among Nurse Managers (NM) at an acute care facility. NMs play a key role in helping an organization achieve strategic goals and financial outcomes. These complex demands put the NM at high risk to experience occupational stress, which may lead to burnout (Shirey, 2006). Based on this assessment the research questions: what is the level of engagement among NMs at an acute care facility before and after an educational support group intervention was developed? The goal of the intervention was to partner with senior leadership to facilitate an educational initiative to improve engagement and prevent the phenomenon of burnout. The objective was to provide NMs with useful strategies that would increase engagement and professional resilience. Eleven NM participated in the five-week educational sessions. Prior to starting the first session, and after the completion of the final session all 11 participants completed the Gallup Q12 engagement survey. Despite the positive feedback from the participants and facilitators during and after the intervention, the overall grand mean Gallup score did not demonstrate a statistical significant increase (p < 0.05, 0.133). An unexpected benefit was the statistical significant increase (p=0.034) in question number three "at work l have the opportunity to do what l do best every day." Based on Gallup, this question correlates with the NM's perception of how they feel they are doing in their role (Buckingham & Coffman, 1999). These limited findings, may suggest this type of intervention has a positive impact on NM's perception in their ability to do their job well, making them less susceptible to stress.

Date of Award

Summer 2013

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Colorado (state); Denver (county); Denver (inhabited place)

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