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Upton, Gary


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Master of Education


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Thesis - Open Access



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In this study, the author evaluates a condition that exists among many college students, the lack of either willingness or ability to compete with one another in order to achieve objectives. The review of literature indicates that students' inability to compete was predicated by a trend, in recent decades, among educators to focus on students' self image and self esteem rather than on one's accomplishments relative to one's peers. This educational focus has yielded a preoccupation with a concern that no student should ever experience losing. However, with this trend, something was lost, students' capacity to realistically assess their skills and their ability to compete. Research shows that a student's inability to compete can severely compromise the student's potential for success after graduation. A module was developed for inclusion in a Small Business Management class curriculum. The intent of the curriculum is to reintroduce and encourage the concept of competition, and to demonstrate the need to compete in order to be successful in a commercial marketplace after graduation.

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Fall 2008

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Denver, Colorado

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