First Advisor

Hart, Douglas


College for Professional Studies

Degree Name

MS Software and Information Systems


School of Computer & Information Science

Document Type

Thesis - Open Access

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83 pages


Wikis are now merging with other applications. Structured wikis, also known as application wikis, have evolved in recent years. This second generation has embedded applications into the wiki, which are used to structure access to the wiki repository's otherwise unstructured content. This paper investigates the other possible approach to merging wikis with applications. It researches the utility of embedding wiki functionality into common applications. Utility will be measured by the benefits to the software development process offered by this approach. I introduce a new term, wikified widget, to describe a GUI component that provides structured access to a wiki repository from within non-wiki applications. Merging wiki and applications in this manner provides immediate and contextual access to a wiki repository from standard applications. There is great potential here, because this builds a new path for communication between all users of an application and its designers. Increased, and constant collaboration between these groups supports rapid iterations of software development, and should improve the dismally low success rate of software projects.

Date of Award

Fall 2008

Location (Creation)

Denver, Colorado

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