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Nims, Michael

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Gerber, Joseph


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MS Computer and Information Technology


School of Computer & Information Science

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Thesis - Open Access

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127 pages


Before this project, did not have a software application to track and monitor personal and progress information on athletes training for triathlon events. The previous process was manual, and although it helped provide a training schedule for an athlete it required the data be updated by hand. The process of developing a training program on an excel spreadsheet provided a good basis for the athlete to start the program, but was not suited to make dynamic adjustments if not optimally suited for the athlete. The application created in this project was designed to keep a coach updated on the progress of an athlete. If necessary, the coach can make modifications to the athletes training program in order to work on any weakness the athlete may be showing. It is important that both coach and athlete have access to updated information related to the training program. The previous process did not provide this requirement because the coach and athlete were not present with each other at all times. Another problem with the previous process was that both coach and athlete might wish to add training criteria to the training program. The application now provides this functionality. The initial prototype used Microsoft's Access technology with Data Access Pages (DAP). This ensured the web site had the necessary work flow the users were expecting and allowed them to update information to a database. Once the prototype was approved, Microsoft .NET ASP technologies were used to create the web site. The Access database was reverse engineered into a Microsoft MS SQL Server database. Both the coach and athlete are now able to access the same database via a web browser. A central computer acts as the web server providing access to the central database and downloads web pages. This enables the coach to keep abreast of the athlete and provide updated real-time progress information. Providing a web interface to a central database allows the athlete to record current data on a daily basis and give the coach the ability to analyze this data and make any changes necessary, keeping the athlete on track.

Date of Award

Spring 2005

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Colorado (state); Denver (county); Denver (inhabited place)

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