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Dr. Brian B Drwecki

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Dr. Amy L Schreier


Dr. Susan A. Sci


Regis College

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Regis University

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Thesis - Open Access

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40 pages


Throughout history, there has been a constant search for a method of developing interment relationships between people. Different cultures have had various methods to develop a so-called love potion by using animals, plants, and modern witchcraft to create elixirs to manipulate an individual's feelings. The goal of the love potion is to create genuine positive feelings of affection. Despite the different methods used in creating a love potion, there is a method that has been shown to create meaningful relationships just through talk. Psychological researcher, Arthur Aron, focused on the Fast Friends Protocol to create deep and meaningful relationships between people. Instead of just having small talk between two people, he asked people a series of 35 personal questions about their lives. The questions were seen to help people create a love relationship at a fast pace. Using the same 35 questions he helped develop, I created a card game called Social Butterfly. Unlike Aron who used the research to create a love potion, the goal of Social Butterfly is to create a friendship potion to help develop meaningful relationships among Regis University students who have felt lonely and secluded from the community. The game has been tested and played around the Regis Community and allowed students to form friendships and get to know someone on a personal level at a fast pace. It has been seen to be effective in creating friendships among students only if they are comfortable sharing personal information from the question asked.

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Spring 2024

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Denver, Colo.

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