First Advisor

Anandita Mukherji


Melissa Bosworth


Regis College

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Thesis - Open Access

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62 pages



Name: Lauren Thelen Major: Health Care Administration The Art of Healing from the Inside-Out: A Memoir

Advisor’s Name: Anandita Mukherji, Ph.D. Reader’s Name: Melissa Bosworth, MS

The health care system is no stranger to many of us. From before we are born to our last days, we interact with health care settings and providers. This is a good thing--we receive care and feel better--or at least that is the case most of the time. What this statement does not acknowledge is that the health care system fails us, through inadequate communication, dialect barriers and inability to diagnose. The purpose of this thesis is to expose how harmful these issues can truly be. Having experienced the effects of poor communication and medical jargon, I can attest to how difficult the health care system can make communication and understanding. But I do not expect the reader to just take my word for this. I utilize research to expose the issues in the health care system that I experienced firsthand. I dug through my memory to relive and share my health struggles and then honed in on the issues in the health care system that set me further back and researched what is leading to these issues. The purpose of this thesis is not to fix the health care system overnight; it is deeply broken, and it will take time to do this. The intent is for this to be a step towards making it better by opening the eyes of people and patients so they can advocate for themselves and maximize on the face-to-face time they are granted with health care providers. For me, the purpose of this thesis is to heal from my past and to remind myself of my passion for improving the health care system as I enter into a career in health care administration.

Date of Award

Spring 2024

Location (Creation)

Denver, Colo.