Subtitle/Alternate Title

The Refugees Integration into Development in Malawi through an Entrepreneurship Approach

First Advisor

Andrew Scott DuPree


Joy Musiimenta


Regis College

Degree Name

Master of Development Practice

Document Type

Thesis - Open Access


Refugee entrepreneurship is a promising field with the potential to benefit refugees, the host community, and the economy as a whole. By addressing the challenges that refugee entrepreneurs face and providing them with the support they need, Malawi can harness the potential of refugee entrepreneurship to contribute to the country's development.

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95 pages


The study examines the potential of entrepreneurship as a means to effectively integrate refugees into the economic and social development of Malawi. Employing a mixed-methods approach, the research incorporates interviews with refugees and key stakeholders, a survey of refugee entrepreneurs, and a comprehensive literature review on entrepreneurship and refugee integration. The findings underscore the transformative power of entrepreneurship in facilitating economic self-sufficiency for refugees and promoting their integration into the host community. The study identifies various challenges confronted by refugee entrepreneurs in Malawi, such as limited access to financial resources, language barriers, and legal obstacles to business establishment. To address these challenges, the study recommends the adoption of an entrepreneurial approach as one of the key pathways towards refugee self-reliance. Furthermore, the study emphasizes the significance of fostering partnerships among government entities, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector to effectively support refugee entrepreneurship and integration. In conclusion, the study highlights the pivotal role of entrepreneurship in facilitating the seamless integration of refugees into Malawi's economic and social fabric, providing concrete recommendations for policymakers and stakeholders to bolster this approach.

Date of Award

Summer 2023

Location (Creation)

Denver, Colo.