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Dr. Kristopher Voss

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Dr. Amy Schreier

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Dr. Lara Narcisi


Dr. Anandita Mukherji


Regis College

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Regis College Honors Program

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Thesis - Open Access

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64 pages


Humanity’s displacement from nature is overwhelmingly prevalent in the United States due to centuries of westernization and colonialism, and it largely dwells in the idea of anthropocentrism. While anthropocentrism is often characterized by entitlement to the resources that nature provides, causing massive displacement from the necessary interdependence between humanity and nature, ecocentrism promotes reciprocal interactions between humanity and nature and restores the dynamic exchange necessary for thriving ecosystems. Through comparing North American Indigenous and Westernized European agricultural practices in the United States, this thesis seeks to find the intersection between preconceived ethical obligations to nature and the agricultural interactions and technologies humans use to cultivate crops. This thesis seeks to reintegrate North American Indigenous farming techniques such as intercropping, permacultures, agroforestry, and the Honorable Harvest to modern westernized agribusiness in the United States; a societal shift towards ecocentrism in the agricultural industrial complex in the United States is necessary due to the extensive habitat fragmentation and environmental degradation associated with western industrialized agriculture.

Date of Award

Spring 2023

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Colorado (state); Denver (county); Denver (inhabited place)

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