First Advisor

Meghan Cohen

Second Advisor

Nina Miller

Third Advisor

Emily Van Houweling


Nina Miller


Regis College

Degree Name

Master of Development Practice

Document Type

Dissertation - Open Access

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71 pages


SheCanCODE is a coding bootcamp for girls and women in Rwanda, to acquire the required competencies and skills to access employment and business opportunities in the technology industry. The program was initiated in 2018 with the vision to reduce the gender gap in the technology industry by producing quality female programmers. Igire Rwanda Organization does not only train programmers but also offers employment support to the SheCanCODE graduates. However, the employment status of the SheCanCODE graduates has not been meeting Igire Rwanda’s goals and objectives. After hearing from SheCanCODE employment partners, Igire Rwanda Team, running the SheCanCODE, decided to conduct research to understand the reasons behind unemployability, based on employers’ feedback, and take the necessary actions.

Date of Award

Spring 2021

Location (Creation)

Denver, Colorado

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