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Purpose: To explore The University of Scranton faculty’s perspectives on open access publishing and to determine if open access is a social justice issue. Participants: Full-time faculty and administrators were invited to participate. Method: An anonymous survey was administered to full-time faculty and administrators to determine their knowledge of and perspectives on open access publishing. The study also sought to determine if open access is a social justice issue based on a definitional and descriptive argument. Results: Most faculty feel positively about open access, but they don’t feel compelled to publish in open access journals in part due to how they believe their colleagues perceive open access publications. In addition, many faculty are unsure if open access is a social justice issue. An exploration of the literature and an examination of the mission of the Society of Jesus shows that the development of open access policies at AJCU schools would be beneficial to faculty, the open access movement, and in line with the social justice principles of the Society of Jesus. Conclusions: Open access publishing is a social justice issue that needs to be fostered and encouraged in AJCU schools so that our mission and the goals of open access can work together symbiotically.



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