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Jesuit institutions are ranked among America’s best colleges and universities according to the 2013 results by US News and World Report. With such accolades, our community might frame the recognition as an opportunity for greater challenge as we collectively aspire to provide better access to meaningful education with the vision of furthering the Jesuit mission and educating men and women for others. The goal of this paper was to consider a new “sweet spot” at the intersection of service-learning, graduate education and online learning at Jesuit business schools, continuing the integration of excellence in both tradition and innovation. We propose a new research stream that may add to the work of Van Hise and Porco in pursuing a better understanding of and an opportunity to expand the distinctiveness of Jesuit business education. Our work concludes with an invitation to participate in research to enhance the existing service-learning, graduate, and online distinctive competencies in Jesuit institutions and extend our students’ sense of “solidarity for the real world” and choices to “perceive, think, judge, choose and act for the rights of others, especially the disadvantaged and the oppressed.”



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