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John O’Malley, S.J., was primarily a Jesuit and Catholic historian. But to scholars in writing studies, his work is illuminative due to his rhetorical analysis of church documents and his discussion of eloquentia perfecta when examining Jesuit education. More recently, in works like “’Not for Ourselves Alone,” he stresses the importance of Jesuit education focusing on the betterment of others inside and outside of the academy. During an interview conducted four months before his death, O’Malley restated the necessity of Jesuit education including writing and vita activa, that is, active civic life. In this article, we pay tribute to O’Malley’s scholarship connecting eloquentia perfecta and vita activa by overviewing two O’Malley-inspired digital public humanities projects and the work completed on them by two graduate students at Saint Louis University. The graduate students reflect on the value of these contributions to their Jesuit education.



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