The growing competition for water: An emerging global flashpoint

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The prospects for conflict over water are escalating. Water is one of the most basicelements required for life, and it is a finite resource. The demand for water is increasingwhile the world is reaching maximum water exploitation. The competition for water willhave worldwide consequences and far-reaching impacts in such areas as economicgrowth and limits, security, food production, poverty, sanitation, politics, and terrorism.Water supply and demand issues can have local, national and international ramifications.Accordingly, water management solutions in some cases require local, national andinternational collaboration and cooperation involving an array of stakeholders.Inadequate action may produce significant water conflicts, which could result indemonstrations, riots, mass migration, political instability, regime change, terrorism, andarmed conflict. In most cases, there are no simple solutions to achieve equilibriumbetween global water supply and demand competition. Even when solutions can beagreed upon, they can require significant cooperation, effort, resources, and time. © 2009 Nova Science Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.

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