Intelligent hybrid model for financial crisis prediction using machine learning techniques

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Financial crisis prediction (FCP) plays a vital role in the economic phenomenon. The precise prediction of the number and possibility of failing firms acts as an index of the growth and strength of a nation’s economy. Traditionally, several methods have been presented for effective FCP. On the other hand, the classification performance and prediction accuracy and data legality is not good enough for practical applications. In addition, many of the developed methods perform well for some of the particular dataset but not adaptable to different dataset. Hence, there is a requirement to develop an efficient prediction model for better classification performance and adaptable to diverse dataset. This paper presents a cluster based classification model, comprises of two stages: improved K-means clustering and a fitness-scaling chaotic genetic ant colony algorithm (FSCGACA) based classification model. In the first stage, an improved K-means algorithm is devised to eliminate the wrongly clustered data. Then, a rule-based model is selected to design to fit the given dataset. At the end, FSCGACA is employed for seeking the optimal parameters of the rule-based model. The proposed algorithm is employed to a collection of three benchmark dataset which include qualitative bankruptcy dataset, Weislaw dataset and Polish dataset. A detailed statistical analysis of the dataset is also given. The results analysis ensured that the presented FCP model is superior to other classification model based on the different measures and also found to be more appropriate for diverse dataset.

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