Environmental Impact Assessment-a capstone course for Environmental Studies and Science majors at Regis University

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Environmental Impact Assessment, ENVS 450, was developed as the capstone course for Environmental Science and Studies majors at Regis University, Denver, CO. The students were asked to complete an environmental assessment (EA) for Groundwork Denver, a local environmental justice nonprofit. The class wrote an EA about a proposed open space project for a former brownfield. The assessment included potential effects of certain actions on the surrounding environment during construction and maintenance of the open space. After the completion of the EA, the class presented a 50-page report and an oral presentation to Groundwork Denver, local citizens, and class speakers outlining work completed over the semester. I then surveyed students about their perceived learning during the course. Students reported that the coursework was challenging, interesting, and impacted them personally by the collaborative work done with the community and Groundwork Denver. © 2011 AESS.

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