Effect of MgCl 2 on germination, growth and biomass allocation of the radish cv. "Cherry Belle"

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Problem statement: To determine the effect of MgCl 2 on radish (Raphanus sativus), plants were grown in controlled environmental growth chambers and given one of three watering treatments; 0.01, 0.1 and 0 M (control) MgCl 2. Approach: At high concentrations (0.1 M), MgCl 2 was toxic resulting in very low (44%) germination rates and the subsequent death of all but three undersized plants over the 28 day growth period. Results: At lower concentrations (0.01 M), MgCl 2 resulted in enhanced germination rates (5.55%) and a mass increase (39.54%) over the control. Conclusion/Recommendations: While low concentrations of MgCl 2 resulted in an increase in total biomass, biomass allocation was shifted largely from roots to shoots (55.88% higher root/shoot ratio in the control). © 2010 Science Publications.

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