Readiness for practice: The senior practicum experience

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Nursing students must be prepared to enter the practice environment ready to competently care for patients. The purpose of this study was to examine factors hypothesized to infl uence senior nursing students' perceptions of readiness for practice and to determine their level of comfort performing skills independently. This study also validates an investigator-developed instrument, the Casey- Fink Readiness for Practice Survey. Factor loading indicated four components tested by subscales in the survey: clinical problem solving, learning techniques, professional identity, and trials and tribulations. The greatest challenges reported by students were managing multiple patient care assignments, communicating with physicians, and caring for dying patients. Clinical competency, role development, and career planning support were areas in which students desired more assistance during their senior practicum course. Most survey respondents voiced confi dence in their ability to problem solve and felt ready to assume the professional nursing role. © SLACK Incorporated.

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