Further development of pharmacy student-facilitated diabetes management clinics

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Objective. To further develop and evaluate a diabetes disease state management (DSM) program that provided direct patient care responsibilities to advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE) students as members of healthcare teams. Design. Nine new clinics and 3 established sites that provide self-care management education to patients with diabetes were established and maintained in rural Colorado pharmacies and supported by students in APPE training for 48 weeks per year. Evaluation. The 12 clinics provided 120 APPE student placements in 2010-2011. Students' perceptions of their experiences were positive. Patients who completed the student-supported diabetes selfmanagement education program had improvements in blood glucose, blood pressure, and lipid values. Conclusions. Twelve diabetes DSM clinics provided direct patient care opportunities to APPE students working as part of healthcare teams while expanding healthcare resources in underserved communities in Colorado. © 2011 American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education.

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