Inverted humanitarian service and learning: The CSI haitian pilot examined in doodles and parables

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While engineers are eminently qualified as logical, mathematical, and precise problem-solvers who work creatively with energy, soil, water, metallurgy, and chemical elements, they often slam into illogical walls. diverse cultural, political, linguistic, psychological stress, and economic contexts way beyond their professional training and practice. CSI's goal of working alongside Haitian, South Sudanese, Nigerian, and Cameroonian villagers through a franchisee model of off-grid SunBlazer charging stations does its best with the logical side, and is coming to appreciate the illogical attributes of applied humanitarian service and learning. Further refinement of its design for off-grid communities and its grasp of local supply and value chain economics is a basis for further incubation/design, scientific demonstration of engineering and economic models, and education that connects the weak ties - that is communities of learning to other communities of learning © 2013 IEEE.

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