Ecological Mindedness Across the Curriculum

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This article suggests a framework for evaluating and implementing environmental education (EE) curricula in hopes of furthering EE as a mode of living to be embodied, rather than as a subject to be learned. We argue that the current iterations of EE in K-12 schools stand to benefit by attending to Dewey's criteria for educative experience: continuity and interaction. Through an analysis of current literature on EE with a comparative analysis of a study of ecologically minded teachers, we discerned three hallmark qualities of ecological mindedness: ecological care, interconnectedness, and ecological integrity. These qualities are both characteristics of the experience as well as sensibilities developed by those engaged in the experience. We argue that ecological mindedness provides the possibility for educative experiences in K-12 curriculum, and we include vignettes and interviews that illustrate such possibilities. © 2013 by The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto.

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