Comparison of morphological variation among parthenogenetic Aspidoscelis neomexicana, gonochoristic A. Sexlineata viridis, and their hybrids (Squamata: Teiidae) from Ute Lake and Conchas Lake, northeastern New Mexico

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Meristic morphological variation among samples of A. neomexicana, A. sexlineata viridis, and their hybrids from Ute and Conchas lakes, New Mexico, was assessed to determine if evidence of separate introductions resided in differences in A. neomexicana between the two localities. However, there were no significant differences between samples of A. neomexicana (and between samples of A. sexlineata viridis) based on multivariate statistical analyses of eight meristic characters. Paradoxically, hybrids from the two localities were significantly different in principal components 1 and 2 and in pigmentation. Hybrids from Ute Lake were paler than hybrids from Conchas Lake and A. neomexicana from both localities. All hybrids could be visually distinguished from A. neomexicana by the absence of thin transverse gray bands on the ventral surface of the tail and closer paravertebral stripes.

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