Identifying quality enablers for online graduate accounting courses using an appreciative inquiry case study

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Higher education online programs are facing increased competition and must work to differentiate themselves from other programs to address this challenge. One way to achieve this differentiation is to improve the quality of the online degree programs and the programs' courses. This case study uses a customised appreciative inquiry (AI) organisational model to identify and leverage quality enablers for the graduate online accounting programs' courses in a private university. This process consulting-based organisational analysis model examines the organisation's strengths with the objective of building on those strengths. A two-person research team facilitated the study with full-time and affiliate faculty members of the university to identify quality enablers for the graduate online accounting program. The goal was to increase the enrolment in the online graduate accounting programs by improving the program's quality and to apply this knowledge to other programs in the university. A virtual approach was used to collect the data for this project.

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