Hacking Wireless Access Points: Cracking, Tracking, and Signal Jacking

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© 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. Hacking Wireless Access Points: Cracking, Tracking, and Signal Jacking provides readers with a deeper understanding of the hacking threats that exist with mobile phones, laptops, routers, and navigation systems. In addition, applications for Bluetooth and near field communication (NFC) technology continue to multiply, with athletic shoes, heart rate monitors, fitness sensors, cameras, printers, headsets, fitness trackers, household appliances, and the number and types of wireless devices all continuing to increase dramatically. The book demonstrates a variety of ways that these vulnerabilities can be-and have been-exploited, and how the unfortunate consequences of such exploitations can be mitigated through the responsible use of technology. Explains how the wireless access points in common, everyday devices can expose us to hacks and threats. Teaches how wireless access points can be hacked, also providing the techniques necessary to protect and defend data. Presents concrete examples and real-world guidance on how to protect against wireless access point attacks.

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