Exploring Gender Wage Disparity in MFT Academic Programs

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This study tested whether there was a significant salary difference between women and men working as faculty in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) programs within public universities. Additionally, we evaluated whether there were significant differences in academic attributes and how these academic attributes related to gender differences in salary. Results from our Oaxaca decomposition of salary differentials showed academic attributes like the number of peer-reviewed publications and years in academia could be used to explain the $9000 gap found between women and men in our sample of MFT academics. Our results indicated no evidence of salary discrimination against women working as MFT faculty members but showed that women were shown to have significantly less time in academia and to publish significantly fewer peer-reviewed journal articles than men. Implications of the current study findings include developing effective mechanisms for helping women persist in and advance through pathways of MFT academic promotion as well as for helping increase their scholarly productivity.

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