Data mining-based competency model of innovation and entrepreneurship

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Data mining technology is a complex process of extracting or mining people's interest from a large number of data. After more than 20 years of development, the research of data mining has made remarkable progress and has been applied to many fields. The process of entrepreneurship is not an individual entrepreneurial activity. It needs all kinds of resources and opportunities in the process of entrepreneurship. Combining with data mining technology, this paper constructs a competency model of innovative entrepreneurship team, regards entrepreneurship orientation as a critical dimension of entrepreneurial team competence, and adopts descriptive statistical analysis, regression analysis, and structural analysis. Cheng examines the factors that influence entrepreneurial performance. The study found that the eight dimensions of entrepreneurial team competency structure have a positive impact on entrepreneurial performance. Different entrepreneurial environments (dynamic, competitive, heterogeneous) and organizational factors (enterprise size, entrepreneurial spirit, and industry type) play different roles in regulating the relationship between entrepreneurial team competence and entrepreneurial performance. Controlling variables of entrepreneurial orientation and leadership behavior also have significant effects on entrepreneurial performance.

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