Intuitive leadership: A neurological, psychological, and quantum approach to heighten intelligence, innovation, and performance

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This chapter explores the power of intuition and focuses on the mechanics of intuition supported by sciences in psychology, neuroscience, and quantum physics. Deeper and more expansive level is non-localized intuition or quantum entanglement, which is based on energy and is not limited to the physical, time or space, or prior experience. Manifesting is supported by quantum duality: Thoughts affect matter, and the nature of particles can be altered. Having a clear thought and vision is not enough; individuals and organizations require higher levels of energy to create, produce, and succeed. The chapter discusses how stress diminishes intuition, effective decision-making, and brain functioning, as well as how to shift from stress to neurological power. In addition, decision maker will learn several proven methods to develop and heighten their intuition. Leaders who consciously develop their own intuitive intelligence and the intuitive acumen within their organization will surpass the competition.

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