Assessing Energy and Communication Needs for the Sustainable and Educational Development of the Inhabitants of the Galapagos Islands

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This paper provides an assessment of the energy and communication needs and the viability of implementing community-based networks and renewable energy and energy-saving initiatives in the Galapagos Islands. An assessment of community assets particularly in three schools in San Cristobal Island was performed. The assessment resulted in creating a baseline of the available assets of each of the schools as well as their location with aims to implement a community Intranet capable of hosting valuable content that can be used towards improved teaching methods. In addition, solar energy and active learning application workshops were carried out to raise interest in students to participate and engage in renewable energy technologies and connectivity initiatives. Furthermore, interviews with community members, including local authorities, utility companies, and school teachers were received with positive support and helped to identify their needs and potential sustainable solutions. All of these findings are reported in this paper.

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