Architecture-based dynamic evolution runtime environment (ADERE) for service-based systems

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Continuous availability and flexible customization are key requirements in most of today's SaaS multi-Tenant sys-Tems. In these systems, shutting down and restarting for an up-date comes with a high risk and increased cost. Providing a runtime evolution-centric environment would help in providing highly available systems. However, it is crucial that this solution ensures the system conformance to its architectural constraints, when the runtime evolution occurs, in addition to appropriate state handling. The solution must also consider a system with multiple tenants allowing independent customization for each tenant application, without affecting participating tenants. In this paper, we present an architecture-Aware runtime environ-ment (ADERE) for dynamic SaaS evolution. It builds on the advantages of existing approaches and aims at providing a mid-dleware layer amenable to highly available and highly customi-zable systems. ADERE comes with a light API that is easy to use within applications code.

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