Nonlinear dynamics of vortices in ultraclean type-II superconductors: Integrable wave equations in cylindrical geometry

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Due to their short coherence lengths and relatively large energy gaps, the high-transition temperature superconductors are very likely candidates as ultraclean materials at low temperature. This class of materials features significantly modified vortex dynamics, with very little dissipation at low temperature. The motion is then dominated by wave propagation, being in general nonlinear. Here two-dimensional vortex motion is investigated in the ultraclean regime for a superconductor described in cylindrical geometry. The small-amplitude limit is assumed, and the focus is on the long-wavelength limit. Results for both zero and nonzero Hall force are presented, with the effects of nonlocal vortex interaction and vortex inertia being included within London theory. Linear and nonlinear problems are studied, with a predisposition toward the more analytically tractable situations. For a nonlinear problem in 2+1 dimensions, the cylindrical Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation is derived. Hall angle measurements on high-(Formula presented) superconductors indicate the need to investigate the properties of such a completely integrable wave equation. © 1996 The American Physical Society.

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