Application of the names Cnemidophorus tigris disparilis and C. t. punctilinealis to valid taxa (Sauria: Teiidae) and relegation of the names C. t. gracilis and C. t. dickersonae to appropriate synonymies

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Historical and multivariate evidence indicate that the type specimen of Cnemidophorus tigris gracilis Baird and Girard, 1852, is a representative of C. t. tigris Baird and Girard, 1852, with the latter name having priority. Initially, C. disparilis Dickerson, 1919, and C. punctilinealis Dickerson, 1919, both described from Isla Tiburon, Gulf of California, appeared to be available for populations currently allocated to C. t. gracilis. However, we identified the holotype of C. disparilis as a representative of C. t. dickersonae Van Denburgh and Slevin, 1921. In addition, we corroborated an earlier identification of the two paratypes included in the type series as representatives of C. catalinensis from Isla Santa Catalina, Gulf of California. It is evident that material from three sampling localities was inadvertently mixed prior to the description of C. disparilis. Therefore, C. t. disparilis has priority over C. t. dickersonae, and the type locality of C. t. disparilis is corrected to Isla Angel de la Guarda, Gulf of California. This leaves C. t. punctilinealis as the provisional name for populations presently allocated to C. t. gracilis.

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