Ahead of the game: Using communications software and push technology to raise student awareness of library resources

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In 2000, Regis University received a federal grant to form the Learning Anytime, Anywhere Partnership (LAAP) with three other institutions of higher learning and a corporation. As a member of the LAAP Vision Team, I designed a Library Notification Module that works through our Student Information System to identify new students, and then generates an e-mail welcome message to them from the library. The message encourages students to apply for a RegisNET account, essential for remote access to library databases, and provides a hot link to the application form. Messages are tailored to declared programs of study, so students are also directed to Web lists of recommended licensed databases: MBA students, for example, will click on a link to business resources, and nursing students to a guide for health sciences resources. © 2004, Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. All rights reserved.

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