Life history characteristics support separate origins of D-designation color pattern classes in parthenogenetic Aspidoscelis tesselata (Squamata: Teiidae)

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We compared several life history characteristics between 2 syntopic color pattern classes (Conchas C-E and Conchas D) of parthenogenetic Aspidoscelis tesselata from Conchas Lake, New Mexico. These pattern classes lacked significant differences in mean clutch size, mean size of gravid females, SVL frequency distributions of gravid females, and SVL frequency distributions of complete samples. We then compared the Conchas Lake assemblage to the other 2 pattern class assemblages (Higbee, Colorado, and Sumner Lake, New Mexico) whose life history characteristics had been previously reported. Comparisons of life history attributes within and between the 3 assemblages augment morphological and genetic evidence that each population of pattern class D was derived by mutation from individuals of pattern classes C or C-E in different geographic areas.

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