Clinical outcomes following manual physical therapy and exercise for hip osteoarthritis: A case series

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Study Design: Case series describing the outcomes of individual patients with hip osteoarthritis treated with manual physical therapy and exercise. Case Description: Seven patients referred to physical therapy with hip osteoarthritis and/or hip pain were included in this case series. All patients were treated with manual physical therapy followed by exercises to maximize strength and range of motion. Six of 7 patients completed a Harris Hip Score at initial examination and discharge from physical therapy, and 1 patient completed a Global Rating of Change Scale at discharge. Outcomes: Three males and 4 females with a median age of 62 years (range, 52-80 years) and median duration of symptoms of 9 months (range, 2-60 months) participated in this case series. The median number of physical therapy sessions attended was 5 (range, 4-12). The median increase in total passive range of motion of the hip was 82° (range, 70°-86°). The median improvement on the Harris Hip Score was 25 points (range, 15-38 points). The single patient who completed the Global Rating of Change Scale at discharge reported being "a great deal better." Numeric pain rating scores decreased by a mean of 5 points (range, 2-7 points) on 0-to-10-point scale. Discussion: All patients exhibited reductions in pain and increases in passive range of motion, as well as a clinically meaningful improvement in function. Although we can not infer a cause and effect relationship from a case series, the outcomes with these patients are similar to others reported in the literature that have demonstrated superior clinical outcomes associated with manual physical therapy and exercise for hip osteoarthritis compared to exercise alone.

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