Teachers' spaces for coping with change in the context of a reform effort

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In this paper, we are interested in the emotional responses of teachers in the context of a reform effort, and our study is oriented toward describing the significance of these responses with respect to the space teachers create to deal with reform in their school. Our interest for educational reform incorporates and builds on the work of spatial theories and theories of emotions in education, and most notably the work of Andy Hargreaves whose conceptualization of "emotional geographies" provides an insightful link between emotion and space. This is done through a 2-year ethnographic study with six teachers that were involved in science program restructuring in their school. In this study, we explore three aspects of the spaces for coping with change that were created by this group of elementary teachers: (1) time and space as sources of social and emotional support; (2) teacher collegiality and trust; and (3) teachers' moral values and concerns. Finally, this paper explores the implications for practice and policy from the development of spaces for teachers to process their feelings about change. © 2007 Springer Science + Business Media B.V.

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