This article is the fruit of a systematic scoping review, according to PRISMA precepts. Its objective was to explore the use of stories and other symbolic genre on family therapy settings. Thus, it explains how the researchers made the selection of articles in phases or steps, in a total of six, having a final result of 11 articles, in a time-lapse of 28 years. By the one hand, it was observed a relationship between different techniques that are usually grouped separately and, by the other hand, the disparate way in which the same concepts are confused among researchers, where each one of them offers a distinct explanation on the same things. It was also confirmed that the use of stories and congeners offers both to patients and therapists an effective and economic methodology. The article proposes, in its conclusions, an umbrella term, StoryTherapy, which intends to cover such techniques, conceptualize them and offers criteria for those techniques that may be included under it; brings forth the three main elements a story should have; and also recommends the creation of teaching policies for StoryTherapy for professionals who work on family therapy. Further research must also take place.



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