In this case study, the unique features of providing telesupervision in a humanistic, systematic approach that takes in cultural issues are discussed.With the COVID-19 pandemic, therapists who supervise students have not only moved to various online platforms to supervise students, but also had to adjust to the uniqueness of telesupervision and to issues brought into supervision such as culture. In this case study a strong working alliance start to develop with this student prior to starting telesupervision. It allowed trust to develop by getting to know the student, looking at what the student wanted in during supervision and the requirements of the student’s school. All of this was done to by using a client-centered/collaborative approach while finalizing a supervision contract. As this trust started to build and supervision moved to telesupervision, the writer helped the student explore self with genograms and cultural issues. As this was occurring, as the supervisor, it was important to keep account of myself and how that affected the supervisor relationship.



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