A large body of existing research has demonstrated the importance of family acceptance as a protective factor for LGBTQ youth facing increased risks of low self-esteem, depression, suicidal ideation, and other mental-health problems. However, little research has been done on therapeutic interventions for families specifically to address stigma and discrimination against LGBTQ adolescents. In particular, narrative therapy, with its focus on deconstructing and re-storying oppressive cultural narratives, seems a natural fit, but little to no quantitative research has been done on family-based narrative therapy for LGBTQ adolescents, and only a handful of qualitative studies have been published. Therefore, the paper reviews the relevant literature on LGBTQ youth at risk, family acceptance, and narrative therapy, and argues for narrative therapy as a potentially useful intervention to help a marginalized population thrive in the face of continuing challenges. Finally, the paper suggests some avenues for further research.



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