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Exploring the Locker


This article is an effort to foster grace and to create genuine, humble community. A new sense of community, that is not conditional on our abilities to censor ourselves to be more palatable to those around us. Instead, the birth of a new way of relating that considers our deep inner selves that feel shame, remember traumas, and cower in fear of these experiences. Perhaps most of all, this article is an invitation to explore our deepest inner selves, and the cost of censoring this self. This exploration is not a leisurely dive into the corners of ourselves that lie in the shallows. It is an adventure that will require a full set of SCUBA gear, and a courageous spirit. A courageous spirit that is not only willing to dig through the shame, fear, and anger that covers our raw selves, but a spirit that will then sit with these wounded and forgotten parts, and begin to build a new sense of balance.



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