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As the utilization of social media continues to integrate itself into domains of culture, livelihood, and worldviews, the following exposition aims to introduce how such integration may pose as a new realm of gaslighting that has yet to be discussed. The progressive conceptualization of gaslighting as a form of manipulation will aid in providing readers with an understanding of this idea through a systemic lens by first, explaining underlying reasons for manipulation as an all-inclusive concept. The value of explication will serve in identifying plausible reasons of manipulation which pertain to the concept of gaslighting within social media. Within this perspective, the features which define social media as a virtual form of connection are presented to exhibit how different elements of online communication support the multifaceted presence of gaslighting seen within social media. Such information allows for deeper exploration in demonstrating how the impacts of social media, which perpetuate gaslighting, propose relational implications for aspects of perception, connection, and validation. By developing this contemporary perspective on gaslighting, there is hope to inspire further consciousness, awareness, and recognition associated with the perceptions of self, others, and relationships with others that are influenced by aspects of social media and permit for the manipulation of reality. In doing so, the chance to enlighten others may provide new opportunities in contemplation when deliberating the inherent nature of face-to-face connections which excel in authenticity, validation, and appreciation, to the inner world of social media which warrants for gaslighting.



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