Increased attention is being focused on the Sandwich Generation, a rapidly growing subset of the adult population usually in their 40’s to 60’s who are the primary caregiver for children under the age of 18, as well an aging parent(s). The pull between the two generations is one of the greatest struggles facing mid-life adults ‘sandwiched’ between caring for their developing children and their aging parents. The delicacies of balancing logistical and emotional resources among the generations can be overwhelming for sandwich generation caregivers. The resulting stress on caregivers is related to higher absenteeism from work, levels of depression, chronic fatigue, and increased rates of job burnout. As life expectancies continue to increase and parenthood continues to be delayed, more adult children will find themselves slung precariously in the middle of caregiving for people at opposite ends of the lifespan. What follows is a personal account describing the day-to-day challenges, grief, and role-reversals that are common among sandwich generation caregivers. This work aims to provide the reader insight into the unique lived experiences and delicate nature of caring for loved ones at opposing ends of the life-cycle.



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